What are the hours of operation?

The Nest Co. Rental Service operates on Mondays and Thursdays between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm.

If I return the rental equipment early, will I get some money back?

No, early returns will result in an early end to your rental period and do not result in a return of any funds.

Are delivery and pick up available?

Yes! Both delivery and pickup are available within the limits of Saskatoon. Delivery and Pickup come at an additional cost of $5 each. 

Add on the service when viewing your cart!

Why rent instead of buy?

When browsing you will see the base price listed under each item, however, a $5 base price does not mean you will pay $150 for a month rental. Every item has a price variation that changes depending on how long you rent it for. Renting an item for 3 months will still be cheaper than buying it brand new. I recommend adding an item to your cart and selecting the date range to see the price for the length you desire.

Renting is also a very sustainable way to save money and help the environment by reducing waste.

When an item becomes worn, we will sell it at a low cost to help keep things affordable or we will give it to someone in need.

Can I choose when delivery and pickup will be?

You cannot choose the delivery or pickup time. Your equipment will be delivered on the day of the beginning of your rental period between the business hours of operation and/or will be picked up on the day of the end of your rental period between the business hours of operation.

What if I'm not home when my rented items are delivered or need to be picked up?

If the customer is not home upon delivery or pickup of equipment, the delivery employee will continue to knock/wait for a maximum of 5 minutes. If no one is home to receive or return the items, the equipment will be returned to the store location and the customer has 24 hours to pick up or return the items. Additional fees or legal action may occur if items are not returned.

What if I want to pick up or drop off the equipment?

You are more than welcome to come and pick up your equipment or to return it. The Nest Co. Rentals is currently a home based business that is located in Brighton at 236 Westfield Road in Saskatoon, SK.

Upon arrival, call 306-500-9511 and an employee will meet you at your vehicle to deliver or pick up rented equipment.

Can the items be loaded or unloaded from my vehicle so I don't have to get out?

Absolutely! We know that it can be tricky to get things done with littles in tow, that's why we will gladly help you out by carefully loading and unloading the rental items for you. Please note that the company and it's representatives will not be held liable for any damages that may occur to your vehicle.

Where should I park to pick up or drop off my items?

Feel free to park behind the house on the parking pad if a space is available, or simply park on the street behind or in front of the house. Then give us a call from your vehicle at 306-500-9511 and we meet you outside.

Need answers you can't find here?

Fill out the form here and we will email you back asap or you can call us at 306-500-9511. Can't find an item you're looking for? Fill out the form here and let us know what we can add to our stock.