JOVI Patch


How does the Jovi patch work?

We get it – it doesn’t look like much, but hear us out. Jovi is powered by patented technology originally created for the military and backed by medical professionals. The Signal Relief technology sealed inside the Jovi patch detects signals from within the body and absorbs sensations of pain like a sponge.

Clinical trials on this patented Signal Relief technology have been completed with incredible results.

How to use:

Placement of the patch is key to finding relief! To discover the full benefits of Jovi, you’ll first need to find the place where you feel your pain is radiating from.

Once you find the right placement, you’ll know it! If you don’t experience that ahh-inducing moment within a minute or two, simply move the patch around and try again. Wait approximately 2-3 minutes in each spot as you slowly move Jovi around the area.

Also available for purchase!